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Shorten; Links, Downloads, or Blogs. Monetize your links across all devices including mobile.

#1. Shorten Links

Create a "Free Account" and verify your account in minutes. Get instant access to all our features that will monetize your daily visitors.

2. Post & Monitor

Apply your redirection links for your Blog, Website, or even E-Books, Monitor individual link analytics, Gather audience (Intelligence, Locations, and Performance) all in one application.

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Claim your "Payout" though PayPal anytime, and invite friends to join and earn a percent off their earnings for life!

Customize The Way You Earn

Shorten the work load, and leave out all the hard-coding!

Powerful Marketing Tool

Become an "Advertiser" and get traffic to your desired location. Customizable packages are now available by total visitors.

Advanced API

Be creative with our easy-to-use API, you can shorten upto 10 links at a time or even monetize an entire page.

What? How is this possible?

EZ Links is a service that pays for the traffic you generate, you create a shorter link, a visitor clicks it, they view an Ad for 20 seconds, then returns to the orginal desination.

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Mobile Friendly

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Numbers speak for themselves

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